C o n t e n t s

Special Issue
“XXIII Ural International Winter School on Physics of Semiconductors”
(February 17–22, 2020)

Guest Editor V. I. Okulov

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  Preface (3-4)  

  E. B. Olshanetsky, Z. D. Kvon, G. M. Gusev, M. V. Entin, L.I. Magarill, and N. N. Mikhailov Download 662257 byte View abstract  
  Thermo emf in a two-dimensional electron-hole system in HgTe quantum wells in the presence of magnetic field. The role of the diffusive and the phonon-drag contributions (5-10)  

  S. V. Gudina, A. S. Bogolubskiy, V. N. Neverov, K. V. Turutkin, N. G. Shelushinina, and M. V. Yakunin Download 856195 byte View abstract  
  Quasiclassical calculations of Landau level spectrum for 20.5-nm-wide HgTe quantum well: “extremum loop” model and effects of cubic symmetry (11-17)  

  A. P. Savelyev, Yu. G. Arapov, S. V. Gudina, V. N. Neverov, S. M. Podgornykh, N. G. Shelushinina, and M. V. Yakunin Download 686160 byte View abstract  
  Localization and interference induced quantum effects at low magnetic fields in InGaAs/GaAs structures (18-23)  

  K. D. Moiseev, K. Yu. Golenitskii, and N. S. Averkiev Download 1082791 byte View abstract  
  Quantum insulator in a semimetal channel on a single type II broken-gap heterointerface in high magnetic fields (24-28)  

  E. P. Skipetrov, N. S. Konstantinov, E. V. Bogdanov, A. V. Knotko, and V. E. Slynko Download 3549759 byte View abstract  
  Resonant impurity level of Ni in the valence band of Pb1–xSnxTe alloys (29-37)  

  V.I. Sokolov, N. B. Gruzdev, V. N. Churmanov, V. V. Menshenin,and G. A. Emelchenko Download 871835 byte View abstract  
  Deep state in the bandgap and photoluminescence of Zn1–xMnxO (38-45)  

  V. A. Kulbachinskii, N. S. Ezhikov, R. A. Lunin, and B. M. Bulychev Download 2230629 byte View abstract  
  Synthesis and superconductivity of organometallic fullerides M(3–n)(NR4)(n)C60, where M = K, Rb; R = H, D, Me, Et, Bu; n = 1, 2, (46-57)  

  N. S. Ezhikov, B. M. Bulychev, R. A. Lunin, and V. A. Kulbachinskii Download 611305 byte View abstract  
  Superconductivity of potassium and rubidium heterofullerides modified with low-melting alloys (58-61)  

  V. V. Marchenkov1, 2 and S. M. Emelyanova Download 380728 byte View abstract  
  Low-temperature Hall effect and martensitic transition temperatures in magnetocaloric Ni50Mn35Sb15–xGex(x = 0, 1, 3) alloys (62-67)  

  V. V. Marchenkov1, 2, Yu. A. Perevozchikova, A. A. Semiannikova, P. S. Korenistov, E. B. Marchenkova, and A. N. Domozhirova Download 1141559 byte View abstract  
  Features of the electroresistivity, magnetic and galvanomagnetic characteristicsin Co2MeSi Heusler alloys (68-76)  

  A. A. Semiannikova, N. I. Kourov, A. V. Korolev, Yu. A. Perevozchikova, E. B. Marchenkova, P. S. Korenistov, A. N. Domozhirova, and V. V. Marchenkov Download 926819 byte View abstract  
  Magnetic and thermal properties of alloys close in composition to the spin gapless semiconductor Mn2CoAl (77-82)  

  I.V. Altukhov, M. S. Kagan, S. K. Paprotskiy, N. A. Khvalkovskiy, N. B. Rodionov, A. P. Bol’shakov, V. G. Ral’chenko, and R. A. Khmel’nitskiy Download 480222 byte View abstract  
  Electric field ionization of boron acceptors in single-crystalline diamond (83-87)  

  A. S. Bogolubskiy, A. S. Klepikova, A. B. Rinkevich, V. N. Neverov, O. V. Nemytova, M. S. Koroleva, I. V. Piir, and D. V. Perov Download 1908075 byte View abstract  
  Dielectric and magnetic properties of holmium and ytterbium titanates (88-93)  

  Igor Lyapilin Download 262865 byte View abstract  
  Spin relaxation in spiral magnetic structures (94-96)