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Special Issue
Dynamics of strongly correlated spin systems with reduced dimensionality and/or frustration
Guest Editor V. S. Kurnosov

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  Preface (475-476)  

  V. O. Cheranovskii, V. V. Slavin, and D. J. Klein Download 1243471 byte View abstract  
  Quantum phase transitions in frustrated 1D Heisenberg spin systems (477-482)  

  M. M. Bogdan and O. V. Charkina Download 2902161 byte View abstract  
  Nonlinear oscillations of topological structures in the sine-Gordon systems (483-490)  

  A. Gudyma, and Iu. Gudyma Download 970295 byte View abstract  
  Effect of compression in molecular spin-crossover chains (491-500)  

  A. I. D’yachenko, V. N. Krivoruchko and V. Yu. Tarenkov Download 1123572 byte View abstract  
  Two-dimensional Berezinskii–Kosterlitz–Thouless topological phase transition in three-dimensional Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10+x:(La,Sr)MnO3 nanocomposites (501-509)  

  E. V. Ezerskaya Download 961271 byte View abstract  
  On the energy spectrum and thermodynamics of decorated quasi-one-dimensional magnetic systems with uniaxial anisotropy (509-514)  

  K. S. Murtazaev, A. K. Murtazaev, M. K. Ramazanov, M. A. Magomedov, and A. A. Murtazaeva Download 1006589 byte View abstract  
  Ising model on a body-centered cubic lattice with competing exchange interactions in strong magnetic fields (515-519)  

  D.M. Polishchuk, O. I. Nakonechna, Ya. M. Lytvynenko, V. Kuncser, Yu. O. Savina, V. O. Pashchenko, A. F. Kravets, A. I. Tovstolytkin, and V. Korenivski Download 588065 byte View abstract  
  Temperature and thickness dependent magnetostatic properties of [Fe/Py]/FeMn/Py multilayers (520-524)  

  A. Druzhinin, I. Ostrovskii, Yu. Khoverko, and N. Liakh-Kaguy Download 803552 byte View abstract  
  Quantum magnetoresistance in Si whiskers (525-530)  

  Yu. Gorobets, O. Gorobets, I. Tiukavkina, and R. Gerasimenko Download 205753 byte View abstract  
  Spin wave propagation through the interface between two ferromagnets without/with Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction (531-535)  

  V. S. Kurnosov Download 1221128 byte View abstract  
  Investigation of low-energy electronic excitations in quasi-one-dimensional Ising antiferromagnet CsFeCl3∙2H2O via Raman spectroscopy (536-548)  

Quantum Liquids and Quantum Crystals

  K. A. Chishko Download 1124969 byte View abstract  
  Interatomic interaction within a 4He–4He dimer with mobile nuclei (547-569)