Special Issue
Strongly Anisotropic and Low-Dimensional Magnetism: Theory and ExperimentThe articles published in this issue are dedicate to the 70th birthday anniversary of A.I. Zvyagin

Guest Editors A.G. Anders and A.A.Zvyagin

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  Anatolii Illarionovich Zvyagin. The 70th birthday. (1179-180)   Том 33, Випуск 11, 2007 15

  A.N. Vasiliev and O.S. Volkova Download 1283822 byte Show annotation
  New functional compounds AC3B4O12 (1181-1205)   Том 33, Випуск 11, 2007 15

  V.V. Eremenko, V.S. Kurnosov, A.V. Peschanskii, V.I. Fomin, and E.N. Khatsko Download 180266 byte Show annotation
  Raman Light Scattering by low-energy electronic excitations of ion Tb3+ in KTb(WO4)2 crystal (1206-1212)   Том 33, Випуск 11, 2007 15

  Christian Trippe and Andreas Klümper Download 209809 byte Show annotation
  Quantum phase transitions and thermodynamics of quantum antiferromagnets with competing interactions (1213-1221)   Том 33, Випуск 11, 2007 15

  P. Sati, V. Pashchenko, and A. Stepanov Download 191277 byte Show annotation
  Exchange broadening of EPR line in ZnO:Co (1222-1226)   Том 33, Випуск 11, 2007 15

  A.S. Mazur, V.N. Krivoruchko, and I.A. Danilenko Download 315753 byte Show annotation
  Phase separation in nanoscale samples of (LaSr)MnO3 (1227-1231)   Том 33, Випуск 11, 2007 15

  Henrik Johannesson and Daniel Larsson Download 174117 byte Show annotation
  Entanglement in fermionic systems at a quantum phase transition (1232-1242)   Том 33, Випуск 11, 2007 15

  A. Zorkovská, J. Šebek, E. Šantavá, I. Bradaric, and A. Feher Download 149478 byte Show annotation
  Non-Fermi liquid behavior in the layered NaxCoO2 (1243-1247)   Том 33, Випуск 11, 2007 15

  A.A. Zvyagin Download 95915 byte Show annotation
  Re-distribution (condensation) of magnons in a ferromagnet under pumping (1248-1252)   Том 33, Випуск 11, 2007 15

  G.A. Zvyagina, I.E. Chupis, V.D. Fil', K.R. Zhekov, Yu.A. Avramenko, Sung-Ik Lee Download 298579 byte Show annotation
  Magneto-elastic interaction and acoustic nonreciprocity in GdNi2B2C (1253-1259)   Том 33, Випуск 11, 2007 15

  D.N. Merenkov, A.N. Bludov, S.L. Gnatchenko, M. Baran, R. Szymczak, V.A. Novosad Download 538181 byte Show annotation
  Exchange anisotropy of FeNi/FeMn polycrystalline films with asymmetric hysteresis loop (1260-1270)   Том 33, Випуск 11, 2007 15

  D.A. Demyanenko, M.Yu. Kovalevsky Download 170541 byte Show annotation
  Classification of equilibrium states of magnets with vector and quadrupole order parameters (1271-1281)   Том 33, Випуск 11, 2007 15

  A.A. Timopheev, S.M. Ryabchenko, A.F. Lozenko, P.A.Trotsenko, O.V. Stogney, A.V. Sitnikov, and S.F. Avdeev Download 506958 byte Show annotation
  Investigation of magnetic properties of Co0.6(Al2On)0.4 granular system with isotropic positive magnetoresistance (1282-1297)   Том 33, Випуск 11, 2007 15

  O.V. Kravchyna, A.I. Kaplienko, A.G. Anders, D.A. Chervinskii, Yu.G. Pashkevich, A. Orendachova and M. Kajnakova Download 149000 byte Show annotation
  The low-temperature EPR spectrum of the cluster magnet CENI (1298-1303)   Том 33, Випуск 11, 2007 15

  I.N. Lukienko, N.F. Kharchenko, V.V. Zorchenko, and A.N. Stetsenko Download 713478 byte Show annotation
  Magnetic field-induced enhancement of longitudinal Kerr effect in Co/Cu(111) multilayer films (1304-1312)   Том 33, Випуск 11, 2007 15

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