Special Issue
Nanostructures and Impurity Centers in Cryogenic Environment
Guest editors M. Räsänen and E.V. Savchenko

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  Preface (463-464)   Том 36, Випуск 5, 2010 16

  A.V. Dolbin, V.B. Esel'son, V.G. Gavrilko, V.G. Manzhelii, S.N. Popov, N.A. Vinnikov, and B. Sundqvist Download 309588 byte Show annotation
  The low-temperature radial thermal expansion of single-walled carbon nanotube bundles saturated with nitrogen (465-469)   Том 36, Випуск 5, 2010 16

  M.A. Strzhemechny and I.V. Legchenkova Download 223450 byte Show annotation
  Novel mechanism of the negative thermal expansion of doped fullerite C60 (470-473)   Том 36, Випуск 5, 2010 16

  V.A. Karachevtsev and A.Yu. Glamazda Download 757489 byte Show annotation
  Raman spectroscopy of DNA-wrapped single-walled carbon nanotube films at 295 and 5 K (474-483)   Том 36, Випуск 5, 2010 16

  R.E. Boltnev, V.V. Khmelenko and D.M. Lee Download 469573 byte Show annotation
  Stabilization of H and D atoms in krypton-helium nanocondensates (484-494)   Том 36, Випуск 5, 2010 16

  P.L. Raston*, S.C. Kettwich, and D.T. Anderson Download 577221 byte Show annotation
  Infrared studies of ortho-para conversion at Cl-atom and H-atom impurity centers in cryogenic solid hydrogen (495-503)   Том 36, Випуск 5, 2010 16

  H. Lignell*, L. Khriachtchev, A. Lignell**, and M. Räsänen Download 258013 byte Show annotation
  Local formation of HArF in solid argon: Low-temperature limit and thermal activation (504-511)   Том 36, Випуск 5, 2010 16

  E.V. Savchenko, I.V. Khyzhniy, S.A. Uyutnov, G.B. Gumenchuk, A.N. Ponomaryov, M.K. Beyer, and V.E. Bondybey Download 2381033 byte Show annotation
  Formation of (Xe2H)* centers in solid Xe via recombination: nonstationary luminescence and «internal electron emission» (512-515)   Том 36, Випуск 5, 2010 16

  C. van der Linde, R.F. Höckendorf, O.P. Balaj, and M.K. Beyer Download 356301 byte Show annotation
  Ion-molecule reactions of CoAr6+ with nitrogen oxides N2O, NO, and NO2: measuring absolute pressure by shock-freezing of the collision complex (516-523)   Том 36, Випуск 5, 2010 16

  O. Byrne, M.A. Collier, M.C. Ryan, and J.G. McCaffrey Download 241648 byte Show annotation
  Crystal field splitting on DS transitions of atomic (524-531)   Том 36, Випуск 5, 2010 16

  A.N. Cherevatova, V.N. Bocharov, T.D. Kolomiitsova, D.N. Shchepkin, and K.G. Tokhadze Download 399870 byte Show annotation
  Study of the cluster formation in low-temperature systems. Spectral manifestation of resonance dipole-dipole interactions between nondipole polyatomic molecules (549-558)   Том 36, Випуск 5, 2010 16

  M. Pärs*, V. Palm, and J. Kikas Download 121184 byte Show annotation
  Single-molecule probing of incommensurate biphenyl (559-562)   Том 36, Випуск 5, 2010 16

  C. Crépin, N. Shafizadeh, W. Chin, J.-P. Galaup, J.G. McCaffrey, and S.M. Arabei Download 304791 byte Show annotation
  Unveiled optical properties of tetrapyrollic pigments in cryogenic environments (563-570)   Том 36, Випуск 5, 2010 16

  A.Yu. Ivanov Download 677982 byte Show annotation
  Conformations of ribonucleoside uridine in the low temperature Ar matrices (571-578)   Том 36, Випуск 5, 2010 16

  Y. Deshko and A.A. Gorokhovsky Download 943766 byte Show annotation
  Spectroscopy and micro-luminescence mapping of Xe-implanted defects in diamond (579-586)   Том 36, Випуск 5, 2010 16


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  The jubilee of B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (587-588)   Том 36, Випуск 5, 2010 16

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