Special Issue
«Magnetoelectric Effects in Ferroelectromagnets»
To the 100th birthday anniversary of G.А. Smolenskii

Guest Editors V.A. Bokov and I.E. Chupis

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  Preface (595-596)   Том 36, Випуск 6, 2010 10

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  Progress in the study of ferroelectromagnets (Review Article) (597-612)   Том 36, Випуск 6, 2010 10

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  Optical spectroscopy of charge transfer transitions in multiferroic manganites, ferrites, and related insulators (Review Article) (613-639)   Том 36, Випуск 6, 2010 10

  A.M. Кadomtseva, Yu.F. Popov, G.P. Vorob'ev, A.P. Pyatakov, S.S. Кrotov, К.I. Кamilov, V.Yu. Ivanov, A.A. Mukhin, A.K. Zvezdin, A.M. Кuz’menko, L.N. Bezmaternykh, I.A. Gudim, and V.L. Temerov Download 934803 byte Show annotation
  Magnetoelectric and magnetoelastic properties of rare earth iron borates (640-653)   Том 36, Випуск 6, 2010 10

  E.I. Golovenchits, V.A. Sanina, V.G. Zalesskii, and M.P. Scheglov Download 1040445 byte Show annotation
  Charge carrier self-organization in ferroelectromagnetic semiconductors Eu0.8Ce0.2Mn2O5 (654-664)   Том 36, Випуск 6, 2010 10

  A.K. Zvezdin and A.P. Pyatakov Download 357299 byte Show annotation
  Symmetry and magnetoelectric interactions in BaMnF4 (665-672)   Том 36, Випуск 6, 2010 10

  Yu.S. Dadoenkova, I.L. Lyubchanskii, Y.P. Lee, Th. Rasing Download 933211 byte Show annotation
  Reflection of light from a nonlinear optical film on a bigyrotropic magnetoelectric substrate under angles near the Brewster angles (673-679)   Том 36, Випуск 6, 2010 10

  M.I. Bichurin and V.M. Petrov Download 686574 byte Show annotation
  Magnetoelectric effect in magnetostrictionpiezoelectric multiferroics (680-687)   Том 36, Випуск 6, 2010 10

  V.P. Gnezdilov, K.V. Lamonova, Yu.G. Pashkevich, P. Lemmens, H. Berger, F. Bussy, and S.L. Gnatchenko Download 378288 byte Show annotation
  Magnetoelectricity in the ferrimagnetic Cu2OSeO3:symmetry analysis and Raman scattering study (688-698)   Том 36, Випуск 6, 2010 10

  M.F. Kharchenko, V.M. Khrustalyov, and V.N. Savitsky Download 849222 byte Show annotation
  Induced by magnetic field spin reorientation in strongly anisotropic antiferromagnetic crystal LiCoPO4 (698-706)   Том 36, Випуск 6, 2010 10

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