Special Issue
Low Temperature Spectroscopy and Radiation Effects
To the anniversary of E.V. Savchenko

Guest Editors Markku Räsänen and Ichiro Arakawa

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  Preface (851-852)   Том 38, Випуск 8, 2012 20

  William R. Wonderly and David T. Anderson Download 272576 byte Show annotation
  Transient HDO rovibrational satellite peaks in solid parahydrogen: evidence of hydrogen atoms or vacancies? (853-859)   Том 38, Випуск 8, 2012 20

  Brendan Healy, Paul Kerins, and John G. McCaffrey Download 439890 byte Show annotation
  Metal atom (Zn, Cd and Mg) luminescence in solid neon (860-870)   Том 38, Випуск 8, 2012 20

  V.V. Khmelenko, I.N. Krushinskaya, R.E. Boltnev, I.B. Bykhalo, A.A. Pelmenev, and D.M. Lee Download 1476188 byte Show annotation
  Dynamics of thermoluminescence spectra of impurity-helium condensates containing stabilized nitrogen and oxygen atoms (871-883)   Том 38, Випуск 8, 2012 20

  Yu.A. Dmitriev Download 374830 byte Show annotation
  Role of surface structure in photoelectron emission from solid Ne: impurities, defect and low-coordinated sites (884-893)   Том 38, Випуск 8, 2012 20

  Johan Lindgren, Adriana Olbert-Majkut, Mika Pettersson, and Toni Kiljunen Download 890555 byte Show annotation
  Librational motion of CO in solid Ar: Raman and IR spectra and quantum simulations (894-904)   Том 38, Випуск 8, 2012 20

  Björn Scharfschwerdt, Christian van der Linde, O. Petru Balaj, Ina Herber, Doreen Schütze, and Martin K. Beyer Download 1058381 byte Show annotation
  Photodissociation and photochemistry of V+(H2O)n, n = 1-4, in the 360-680 nm region (905-911)   Том 38, Випуск 8, 2012 20

  Michał Turowski, Claudine Crépin, Isabelle Couturier-Tamburelli, Nathalie Piétri, and Robert Kołos Download 661918 byte Show annotation
  Low-temperature phosphorescence of dicyanoacetylene in rare gas solids (912-916)   Том 38, Випуск 8, 2012 20

  S.M. Arabei, J.-P. Galaup2*, J.G. McCaffrey, N. Shafizadeh, and C. Crépin Download 632608 byte Show annotation
  Electronic spectroscopy, stimulated emission and persistent spectral hole-burning of cryogenic nitrogen matrices doped with tetrabenzoporphin (917-923)   Том 38, Випуск 8, 2012 20

  P.V. Zinoviev, V.N. Zoryansky, N.B. Silaeva, Yu.E. Stetsenko, M.A. Strzhemechny, and K.A. Yagotintsev Download 309748 byte Show annotation
  Orientational glassification in fullerite C60 saturated with H2: photoluminescence studies (923-931)   Том 38, Випуск 8, 2012 20

  A. Gumenjuk, N. Ostapenko, Yu. Ostapenko, O. Kerita, S. Suto, and A. Watanabe Download 293034 byte Show annotation
  Oscillatory regularity of charge carrier traps energy spectra in silicon organic polymer poly(di-n-hexylsilane) (932-937)   Том 38, Випуск 8, 2012 20

  Ichiro Arakawa, Daigo Matsumoto, Shinichi Takekuma, Reimi Tamura, and Takashi Miura Download 549641 byte Show annotation
  Photo-stimulated desorption from water and methane clusters on the surface of solid neon (938-941)   Том 38, Випуск 8, 2012 20

  B. Kassühlke* and P. Feulner Download 1259386 byte Show annotation
  Inner valence excitations of condensed neon (942-948)   Том 38, Випуск 8, 2012 20

  Haruaki Kato, Takayuki Tachibana2*, and Takato Hirayama Download 791805 byte Show annotation
  Temperature effect of metastable atom desorption from solid Ne by low-energy electron impact (949-952)   Том 38, Випуск 8, 2012 20

  A.L.F. de Barros, P. Boduch, A. Domaracka, H. Rothard, and E.F. da Silveira Download 3081662 byte Show annotation
  Radiolysis of astrophysical ices by heavy ion irradiation: destruction cross section measurement (953-960)   Том 38, Випуск 8, 2012 20

  V.I. Feldman, A.V. Kobzarenko, A.Y. Orlov, and F.F. Sukhov Download 344648 byte Show annotation
  The radiation-induced chemistry in solid xenon matrices (961-969)   Том 38, Випуск 8, 2012 20

  M. Szymonski, A. Droba, P. Struski, and F. Krok Download 870254 byte Show annotation
  Dynamics of the defect-mediated desorption of alkali halide surfaces (970-975)   Том 38, Випуск 8, 2012 20

  R.M. Montereali, F. Bonfigli, F. Menchini, and M.A. Vincenti Download 925666 byte Show annotation
  Optical spectroscopy and microscopy of radiationinduced light-emitting point defects in lithium fluoride crystals and films (976-984)   Том 38, Випуск 8, 2012 20

  G. Baldacchini, P. Chiacchiaretta, R.B. Pode, M.A. Vincenti, and Q.-M. Wang Download 283207 byte Show annotation
  Phase transitions in thermally annealed films of Alq3 (985-992)   Том 38, Випуск 8, 2012 20

  V.M. Loktev, and Yu.G. Pogorelov Download 316742 byte Show annotation
  Impurity and vacancy effects in graphene (993-100)   Том 38, Випуск 8, 2012 20

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