Special Issue (Part II)
To the 80-th birthday of V.V. Eremenko
Guest Editor V.A. Sirenko

  V.A. Sirenko Download 826323 byte Show annotation
  Critical phenomena in uniaxial superconductors and antiferromagnets (Review Article) (1007-1017)   Том 38, Випуск 9, 2012 15

  V.N. Krivoruchko Download 477727 byte Show annotation
  Electrically active magnetic excitations in antiferromagnets (Review Article) (1018-1031)   Том 38, Випуск 9, 2012 15

  S.A. Zvyagin Download 905459 byte Show annotation
  Spin dynamics of S = 1/2 Heisenberg chains with a staggered transverse field: electron spin resonance studies (Review Article) (1032-1040)   Том 38, Випуск 9, 2012 15

  N.M. Kreines, D.I. Kholin, S.O. Demokritov Download 627347 byte Show annotation
  Interlayer exchange interaction in multilayer magnetic systems Fe/Cr/Fe (Review Article) (1041-1052)   Том 38, Випуск 9, 2012 15

  J. Bartolomé, A.I. Figueroa, L.M. García, F. Bartolomé, L. Ruiz, J.M. González-Calbet, F. Petroff, C. Deranlot, F. Wilhelm, A. Rogalev, and N. Brookes Download 756301 byte Show annotation
  Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in Co-Pt granular multilayers (1053-1057)   Том 38, Випуск 9, 2012 15

  R. Żuberek, K. Nesteruk, K. Fronc, S. Piechota, and H. Szymczak Download 612630 byte Show annotation
  Temperature dependences of surface magnetoelastic constants of ultrathin Fe/GaAs (001) films (1058-1061)   Том 38, Випуск 9, 2012 15

  A.S. Chernyi, E.N. Khatsko, A.I. Rykova, and A.V. Yeremenko Download 470400 byte Show annotation
  Kinetics of magnetization reversal processes in quasi-one-dimentional Ising superantiferromagnet [{CH3}3NH]CoCl3·2H2O (1062-1068)   Том 38, Випуск 9, 2012 15

  I.M. Lukienko, N.F. Kharchenko, V.M. Khrustalyov, V.M. Savytskiy, A.V. Fedorchenko, V.A. Desnenko, A.N. Stetsenko, and V.V. Zorchenko Download 840240 byte Show annotation
  Decreasing of superparamagnetic clusters in [Co/Cu(111)]n nanofilms, induced by quantum size effect (1069-1076)   Том 38, Випуск 9, 2012 15

  A.V. Peschanskii, A.Yu. Glamazda, V.I. Fomin, and V.A. Karachevtsev Download 505943 byte Show annotation
  Raman scattering in nonpolymerized and photopolymerized C60 films at 5 K (1077-1087)   Том 38, Випуск 9, 2012 15

  A.M. Kalashnikova, V.V. Pavlov, A.V. Kimel, A. Kirilyuk, Th. Rasing, and R.V. Pisarev Download 2744358 byte Show annotation
  Magneto-optical study of holmium iron garnet Ho3Fe5O12 (1088-1096)   Том 38, Випуск 9, 2012 15

  V.G. Piryatinskaya, I.S. Kachur, V.V. Slavin, A.V. Yeremenko, Yu.M. Vysochanskii Download 727105 byte Show annotation
  Temperature behavior of fundamental absorption edge in quasi-two-dimensional MnPS3 crystal (1097-1101)   Том 38, Випуск 9, 2012 15

  M.Yu. Kagan, D.V. Efremov, M.S. Mar’enko, and V.V. Val’kov Download 249602 byte Show annotation
  Kohn-Luttinger effect and anomalous pairing in repulsive Fermi-systems at low density (Review Article) (1102-1108)   Том 38, Випуск 9, 2012 15

  S.S. Apostolov, T.N. Rokhmanova, S.I. Khankina, V.M. Yakovenko, and V.A. Yampol'skii Download 708513 byte Show annotation
  Transformation of the polarization of THz waves by their reflection and transmission through a finite layered superconductor (1109-1118)   Том 38, Випуск 9, 2012 15

  A.A. Kordyuk Download 1731833 byte Show annotation
  Iron-based superconductors: magnetism, superconductivity and electronic structure (Review Article) (1119-1134)   Том 38, Випуск 9, 2012 15

  Yu.G. Pashkevich, T.N. Shevtsova, A.A. Gusev, V.P. Gnezdilov, P. Lemmens Download 303676 byte Show annotation
  Spin state of iron - controlling parameter of iron containing HTSC: dependence of ground state energy, phonon energies and positions of atoms on spin state of iron ion in FeTe (1135-1140)   Том 38, Випуск 9, 2012 15

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