Special Issue
New achievements of fermiology
Guest Editors V.G. Peschansky and Yu.A. Kolesnichenko

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  Preface (351-354)   Том 40, Випуск 4, 2014 18

  V.P. Gusynin, V.M. Loktev, I.A. Luk’yanchuk, S.G. Sharapov, and A.A. Varlamov Download 1806178 byte Show annotation
  Quantum oscillations as the tool for study of new functional materials (Review Article) (355-366)   Том 40, Випуск 4, 2014 18

  Lei Fang and Wai-Kwong Kwok Download 474888 byte Show annotation
  Quantum phenomena in transport measurements of topological insulator nanostructures (Review Article) (367-374)   Том 40, Випуск 4, 2014 18

  A.A. Kordyuk Download 1629116 byte Show annotation
  ARPES experiment in fermiology of quasi-2D metals (Review Article) (375-388)   Том 40, Випуск 4, 2014 18

Electronic Structure and Fermi Surface

  V.N. Antonov Download 4237672 byte Show annotation
  Electronic structure, Fermi surface and dHvA effect in YIn3, LuIn3, and YbIn3 (389-399)   Том 40, Випуск 4, 2014 18

  Vladimir Laukhin, Alain Audouard, David Vignolles, Loïc Drigo, Pere Alemany, and Enric Canadell Download 622290 byte Show annotation
  Fermi surface and effect of high magnetic fields on the metal–semimetal Peierls-like transition of (TSeT)2Cl (400-404)   Том 40, Випуск 4, 2014 18

  A.V. Logosha, G.E. Grechnev, A.A. Lyogenkaya, and A.S. Panfilov Download 1047563 byte Show annotation
  Features of electronic structure of layered superconductors RNi2B2C, RFe4Al8, and FeSe (405-413)   Том 40, Випуск 4, 2014 18

  B. Barbiellini Download 607063 byte Show annotation
  Natural orbital functional theory and pairing correlation effects in electron momentum density (414-419)   Том 40, Випуск 4, 2014 18

  A.Vl. Andrianov Download 2350340 byte Show annotation
  Electron topological Lifshitz transition and complex magnetic structures in heavy rare-earth metals (420-425)   Том 40, Випуск 4, 2014 18

  S.B. Dugdale Download 935098 byte Show annotation
  Probing the Fermi surface by positron annihilation and Compton scattering (426-438)   Том 40, Випуск 4, 2014 18

Magneto-Quantum Oscillations

  L.A. Falkovsky Download 277724 byte Show annotation
  The Lifshitz–Kosevich theory and Coulomb interaction in graphene (439-443)   Том 40, Випуск 4, 2014 18

  Alain Audouard, and Jean-Yves Fortin Download 2004032 byte Show annotation
  Recent developments in the determination of the amplitude and phase of quantum oscillations for the linear chain of coupled orbits (444-453)   Том 40, Випуск 4, 2014 18

  N.T. Bagraev, L.E. Klyachkin, V.V. Romanov, A.I. Ryskin Download 1316891 byte Show annotation
  Quantization of the magnetic moment in CdBxF2–x/p-CdF2–QW/CdBxF2–x nanosandwiches (454-467)   Том 40, Випуск 4, 2014 18

  V.A. Margulis Download 199962 byte Show annotation
  Magnetization and polarization of electron gas in multiferroics (468-471)   Том 40, Випуск 4, 2014 18

  A.D. Grigoriev, and P.D. Grigoriev Download 232115 byte Show annotation
  Crossover from the weak to strong-field behavior of the longitudinal interlayer magnetoresistance in quasi-two-dimensional conductors (472-476)   Том 40, Випуск 4, 2014 18

  K. Murata, Y. Fukumoto, K. Yokogawa, R. Takaoka, W. Kang, J.S. Brooks, D. Graf, H. Yoshino, T. Sasaki, and R. Kato Download 1837510 byte Show annotation
  Magnetic-field-induced phase transitions in the quasi-one-dimensional organic conductor HMTSF–TCNQ (477-483)   Том 40, Випуск 4, 2014 18

  M.V. Kartsovnik, V.N. Zverev, D. Andres1*, W. Biberacher, T. Helm1**, P.D. Grigoriev, R. Ramazashvili, N.D. Kushch, and H. Müller Download 1007772 byte Show annotation
  Magnetic quantum oscillations in the charge-density-wave state of the organic metals a-(BEDT-TTF)2MHg(SCN)4 with M = K and Tl (484-491)   Том 40, Випуск 4, 2014 18

  G.E. Grechnev, A.A. Lyogenkaya, V.B. Pluzhnikov, I.V. Svechkarev, A.V. Fedorchenko, J.M. Perz Download 695604 byte Show annotation
  The de Haas–van Alphen effect in the itinerant antiferromagnet FeGe2: manifestation of spin splitting (492-496)   Том 40, Випуск 4, 2014 18

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