Special Issue
Physics of nanostructures at low temperatures
Guest Editor A.V. Dolbin

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  Preface (103-104)   Том 42, Випуск 2, 2016 15

Porous and low-dimensional structures

  Yu Ji, J.A. Hamida, Yibing Tang, and N.S. Sullivan Download 413910 byte Show annotation
  NMR studies of methane and hydrogen in microporous materials (105-108)   Том 42, Випуск 2, 2016 15

  A.V. Dolbin, M.V. Khlistyuck, V.B. Esel’son, V.G. Gavrilko, N.A. Vinnikov, R.M. Basnukaeva, and V.V. Danchuk Download 911497 byte Show annotation
  The quantum effects in the kinetics of 4He sorption by mesoporous materials (109-115)   Том 42, Випуск 2, 2016 15

  K.А. Chishko and Е.S. Sokolova Download 987362 byte Show annotation
  Heat capacity of xenon adsorbed in nanobundle grooves (116-127)   Том 42, Випуск 2, 2016 15

  M.I. Bagatskii, V.V. Sumarokov, and M.S. Barabashko Download 421945 byte Show annotation
  The heat capacity of 1D chains of methane molecules in the outer grooves bundles of carbon nanotubes (128-133)   Том 42, Випуск 2, 2016 15

  V.V. Eremenko, V.A. Sirenko, I.A. Gospodarev, E.S. Syrkin, S.B. Feodosyev, I.S. Bondar, S.S. Saxena, A. Feher, and K.A. Minakova Download 3708392 byte Show annotation
  Effect of step-edge on spectral properties and planar stability of metallic bigraphene (134-141)   Том 42, Випуск 2, 2016 15

  A.Yu. Ivanov, S.G. Stepanian, L. Adamowicz, and V.A. Karachevtsev Download 1795234 byte Show annotation
  Enhancement of infrared absorption of the low-temperature uracil thin films by nanostructured silver surface (142-148)   Том 42, Випуск 2, 2016 15

  I.B. Berkutov, V.V. Andrievskii, Yu.F. Komnik, Yu.A. Kolesnichenko, A.I. Berkutova, D.R. Leadley, and O.A. Mironov Download 3689813 byte Show annotation
  Interference effects in the Si–Ge heterostructures with quantum wells of different width (149-158)   Том 42, Випуск 2, 2016 15


  J.G. Chigvinadze, V. Buntar, S.M. Ashimov, and A.V. Dolbin Download 1608059 byte Show annotation
  Magnetic phase and relaxational phenomena in fullerite C60 (159-168)   Том 42, Випуск 2, 2016 15

  V.V. Meleshko, I.V. Legchenkova, Y.E. Stetsenko, and A.I. Prokhvatilov Download 1076238 byte Show annotation
  CO molecular impurity influence on fullerite C60 structural and thermodynamical properties in a wide range of sorption temperatures (169-177)   Том 42, Випуск 2, 2016 15

  P.V. Zinoviev, V.N. Zoryansky, Yu.E. Stetsenko, and V.V. Danchuk Download 596532 byte Show annotation
  Peculiarities of glass forming of the fullerite C60 saturated by the carbon monooxide molecules: photoluminescence studies (178-184)   Том 42, Випуск 2, 2016 15

Morphology and properties of nanostructures

  V.D. Natsik and Yu.A. Semerenko Download 1401319 byte Show annotation
  Dislocation mechanism of low-temperature internal friction in nanostructured materials (185-197)   Том 42, Випуск 2, 2016 15

  I.V. Legchenkova, А.I. Prokhvatilov, Yu.Е. Stetsenko, and К.А. Yagotintsev Download 573354 byte Show annotation
  Barium manganite Ba6Mn24O48 x-ray studies in the magnetic transition area (198-201)   Том 42, Випуск 2, 2016 15

  C.J. Kinane, O. Kirichek, T.R. Charlton, and P.V.E. McClintock Download 1159871 byte Show annotation
  Influence of the liquid helium meniscus on neutron reflectometry data (202-206)   Том 42, Випуск 2, 2016 15

Short Notes

  Yu.S. Doronin, V.L. Vakula, G.V. Kamarchuk, A.A. Tkachenko, and V.N. Samovarov Download 559292 byte Show annotation
  A new approach to investigation of luminescence spectra of substrate-free icosahedral and crystalline nanoclusters of (207-211)   Том 42, Випуск 2, 2016 15

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