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  Proximity phenomena in cold gas of multicharged atoms (Review Article) (663-686)   Том 42, Випуск 7, 2016 16

Special Issue
Low-Temperature Radiation Effects in Wide Gap Materials
Guest Editors A.I. Popov, A.Ch. Lushchik, and E.A. Kotomin

  Anatoli I. Popov, Aleksandr Lushchik, and Eugene Kotomin Download 41267 byte 
Low-temperature radiation effects in wide gap materials
  Том 42, Випуск 7, 2016 16

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  Optical detection of paramagnetic centres: from crystals to glass-ceramics (689-693)   Том 42, Випуск 7, 2016 16

  A. Kuzmin, V. Pankratov, A. Kalinko, A. Kotlov, L. Shirmane, and A.I. Popov Download 813857 byte Show annotation
  UV-VUV synchrotron radiation spectroscopy of NiWO4 (694-698)   Том 42, Випуск 7, 2016 16

  A. Lushchik, Ch. Lushchik, V. Nagirnyi, E. Shablonin, and E. Vasil’chenko Download 546295 byte Show annotation
  Low-temperature creation of Frenkel defects via hot electron-hole recombination in highly pure NaCl single crystals (699-704)   Том 42, Випуск 7, 2016 16

  A. Kalinko, A. Kuzmin, P. Roy, and R.A. Evarestov Download 971381 byte Show annotation
  Synchrotron-based far-infrared spectroscopy of nickel tungstate (705-709)   Том 42, Випуск 7, 2016 16

  D. Bocharov, P. Žguns, S. Piskunov, A. Kuzmin, and J. Purans Download 962091 byte Show annotation
  Electronic structure of cubic ScF3 from first-principles calculations (710-715)   Том 42, Випуск 7, 2016 16

  A.N. Trukhin Download 2577699 byte Show annotation
  Luminescence of SiO2 and GeO2 crystals with rutile structure. Comparison with α-quartz crystals and relevant glasses (Review Article) (716-725)   Том 42, Випуск 7, 2016 16

  E. Klotins Download 146085 byte Show annotation
  A novel quantum field approach to photoexcited insulators (726-732)   Том 42, Випуск 7, 2016 16

  A. Sarakovskis, J. Grube, K. Strals, G. Krieke, M. Springis, N. Mironova-Ulmane, V. Skvortsova, E.K. Yukhno and L.A. Bashkirov Download 1261049 byte Show annotation
  Temperature and impurity concentration effects on upconversion luminescence in LaInO3 doped with Er3+ (733-737)   Том 42, Випуск 7, 2016 16

  K.Sh. Shunkeyev, N.N. Zhanturina, Z.K. Aimaganbetova, A.A. Barmina, L.N. Myasnikova, Sh.Zh. Sagymbaeva, and D.M. Sergeyev Download 899044 byte Show annotation
  The specifics of radiative annihilation of self-trapped excitons in KI–Tl crystal at low-temperature deformation (738-742)   Том 42, Випуск 7, 2016 16

  N. Mironova-Ulmane, V. Skvortsova, and A.I. Popov Download 587470 byte Show annotation
  Optical absorption and luminescence studies of fast neutron-irradiated complex oxides for jewellery applications (743-747)   Том 42, Випуск 7, 2016 16

  V.N. Kuzovkov, A.I. Popov, E.A. Kotomin, A.M. Moskina, E. Vasil'chenko, and A. Lushchik Download 939395 byte Show annotation
  Theoretical analysis of the kinetics of low-temperature defect recombination in alkali halide crystals (748-755)   Том 42, Випуск 7, 2016 16

  I. Karbovnyk, I. Bolesta, I. Rovetskyi, V. Lesivtsiv, Ya. Shmygelsky, S. Velgosh, and A.I. Popov Download 463575 byte Show annotation
  Long-term evolution of luminescent properties in CdI2 crystals (756-759)   Том 42, Випуск 7, 2016 16

  V.P. Savchyn, A.I. Popov, O.I. Aksimentyeva, H. Klym, Yu.Yu. Horbenko, V. Serga, A. Moskina, and I. Karbovnyk Download 507781 byte Show annotation
  Cathodoluminescence characterization of polystyrene–BaZrO3 hybrid composites (760-763)   Том 42, Випуск 7, 2016 16

  H. Klym, A. Ingram, O. Shpotyuk, I. Hadzaman, V. Solntsev, O. Hotra, and A.I. Popov Download 658078 byte Show annotation
  Positron annihilation characterization of free volume in micro- and macro-modified Cu0.4Co0.4Ni0.4Mn1.8O4 ceramics (764-769)   Том 42, Випуск 7, 2016 16

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