Special Issue
On the 75th anniversary of the Kapitza thermal resistance discovery
Guest Editors Yu.A. Kosevich and E.S. Syrkin

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  Preface (775-776)   Том 42, Випуск 8, 2016 13

  Yu.A. Kosevich, E.S. Syrkin, and O.Yu. Tkachenko Download 760213 byte Show annotation
  Transmission of quasiparticle excitations through interface between two media (Review Article) (777-786)   Том 42, Випуск 8, 2016 13

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  A review of surface effects in Kapitza’s experiments on heat transfer between solids and helium II (Review Article) (787-791)   Том 42, Випуск 8, 2016 13

  Edward Bormashenko Download 861309 byte Show annotation
  Physics of solid–liquid interfaces: from the Young equation to the superhydrophobicity (Review Article) (792-808)   Том 42, Випуск 8, 2016 13

  A.I. Bezuglyj, V.A. Shklovskij Download 1561951 byte Show annotation
  The role of the conduction electrons in the formation of a thermal boundary resistance of the metal-dielectric interface and resistivity of the metal films at low temperatures (Review Article) (809-840)   Том 42, Випуск 8, 2016 13

  Alexander M. Gabovich and Alexander I. Voitenko Download 552574 byte Show annotation
  Electrostatic charge-charge and dipole-dipole interactions near the surface of a medium with screening non-locality (Review Article) (841-853)   Том 42, Випуск 8, 2016 13

  V.M. Kontorovich Download 1482883 byte Show annotation
  Nonlinear reflection from the surface of a neutron star and the pulsar radio emission puzzles in the Crab Nebula (854-862)   Том 42, Випуск 8, 2016 13

  Y.V. Skrypnyk and V.M. Loktev Download 413860 byte Show annotation
  On equivalence of two vacancy models, applied to electron spectrum of materials with honeycomb lattice (863-869)   Том 42, Випуск 8, 2016 13

  Yu.V. Tarasov, O.V. Usatenko, and D.А. Iakushev Download 993338 byte Show annotation
  Plasmon-polaritons on surface with fluctuating impedance: Scattering, localization, stability (870-886)   Том 42, Випуск 8, 2016 13

  I.S. Spevak, A.A. Kuzmenko, M. Tymchenko, V.K. Gavrikov, V.M. Shulga, J. Feng, H.B. Sun, Yu.E. Kamenev, and A.V. Kats Download 434688 byte Show annotation
  Surface plasmon-polariton resonance at diffraction of THz radiation on semiconductor gratings (887-891)   Том 42, Випуск 8, 2016 13

  A.V. Savin , Yu.S. Kivshar Download 4007127 byte Show annotation
  Localized vibrations of graphene nanoribbons (892-901)   Том 42, Випуск 8, 2016 13

  Haoxue Han, Lei Feng, Shiyun Xiong, Takuma Shiga, Junichiro Shiomi, Sebastian Volz, and Yuriy A. Kosevich Download 760607 byte Show annotation
  Effects of phonon interference through long range interatomic bonds on thermal interface conductance (902-908)   Том 42, Випуск 8, 2016 13

  T.G. Vihtinskaya, K.E. Nemchenko, and S.Yu. Rogova Download 945861 byte Show annotation
  Influence of Kapitza resistance on the stationary nonequilibrium states establishment in superfluid 3He–4He mixtures (909-912)   Том 42, Випуск 8, 2016 13

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