Special Issue
Superconducting and mesoscopic structures
To the 70th birthday of A.N. Omelyanchouk

Guest Editors S.N. Shevchenko and O.I. Yuzephovich

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  Preface (943-944)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

  Alexandre Zagoskin Download 483535 byte Show annotation
  Quantum engineering of superconducting structures: principles, promise and problems (945-949)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

  M. Belogolovskii, E. Zhitlukhina, V. Lacquaniti, N. De Leo, M. Fretto, and A. Sosso Download 791559 byte Show annotation
  Intrinsically shunted Josephson junctions for electronics applications (950-961)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

  A.S. Sidorenko Download 606869 byte Show annotation
  Reentrance phenomenon in superconductor/ferromagnet nanostructures and their application in superconducting spin valves for superconducting electronics (962-968)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

  Anatoly Yu. Smirnov and Mohammad H. Amin Download 558754 byte Show annotation
  Quantum eigenstate tomography with qubit tunneling spectroscopy (969-977)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

  G. Oelsner, U. Hübner, S. Anders, and E. Il'ichev Download 4555014 byte Show annotation
  Application and fabrication aspects of sub-micrometer-sized Josephson junctions (978-985)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

  J. Kunert, R. Ijsselsteijn, E. Il‘ichev, O. Brandel, G. Oelsner, S. Anders, V. Schultze, R. Stolz, and H.-G. Meyer Download 497131 byte Show annotation
  Examples of superconducting technology application: sensing and interfacing (986-990)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

  N.V. Klenov1–4, A.V. Kuznetsov, I.I. Soloviev, S.V. Bakurskiy, M.V. Denisenko, and A.M. Satanin Download 7137945 byte Show annotation
  Interaction of flux qubits with single flux quantum circuits (991-1002)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

  A.N. Sultanov, D.S. Karpov, Y.S. Greenberg, S.N. Shevchenko, and A.A. Shtygashev Download 4702035 byte Show annotation
  Scattering of a single photon on a two-qubit structure with resonators (1003-1010)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

  Andrew G. Semenov and Andrei D. Zaikin Download 673069 byte Show annotation
  Quantum fluctuations of voltage in superconducting nanowires (1011-1022)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

  D. Massarotti, D. Stornaiuolo, P. Lucignano, R. Caruso, L. Galletti, D. Montemurro, B. Jouault, G. Campagnano, H.F. Arani, L. Longobardi, L. Parlato, G.P. Pepe, G. Rotoli, A. Tagliacozzo, F. Lombardi, and F. Tafuri Download 2034568 byte Show annotation
  What happens in Josephson junctions at high critical current densities (1023-1031)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

  I.R. Rahmonov, Yu.M. Shukrinov, R. Dawood, and H. El Samman Download 1341660 byte Show annotation
  Determination of Cooper pairs and Majorana fermions currents ratio in dc SQUID with topologically nontrivial barriers (1032-1036)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

  V.K. Kornev, N.V. Kolotinskiy, A.V. Sharafiev, I.I. Soloviev, and O.A. Mukhanov Download 2253035 byte Show annotation
  From single SQUID to superconducting quantum arrays (1037-1045)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

  Yu. Khaydukov, R. Morari, V. Zdravkov, L. Mustafa, T. Keller, B. Keimer, and A. Sidorenko Download 426334 byte Show annotation
  Evolution of non-collinear magnetic state of exchange biased ferromagnet/normal metal/ ferromagnet/superconductor heterostructure in magnetic field studied by polarized neutron reflectometry (1046-1049)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

  A.V. Solovjov, L.V. Omelchenko, R.V. Vovk, and S.N. Kamchatnaya Download 2520039 byte Show annotation
  Pseudogap and fluctuation conductivity in Y1–xPrxBa2Cu3O7–δ single crystals with different praseodymium content (1050-1058)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

  S.S. Apostolov, N.M. Makarov, and V.А. Yampolskii Download 520660 byte Show annotation
  Resonant transparency of a photonic crystal with a defect of layered superconductor (1059-1066)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

  I.V. Kozlov and Yu. A. Kolesnichenko Download 3119189 byte Show annotation
  Anisotropic Friedel oscillations in the two-dimensional electron gas with Rashba–Dresselhaus spin-orbit interaction (1067-1079)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

  Michael Moskalets Download 832385 byte Show annotation
  Single-particle emission at finite temperatures (1080-1093)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

  V.E. Shaternik, A.P. Shapovalov, and O.Yu. Suvorov Download 987132 byte Show annotation
  Charge transport in superconducting heterostructures MoRe–Si(W)–MoRe with hybrid semiconductor barrier with metal nanoclusters (1094-1100)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

  B. Ivlev Download 394181 byte Show annotation
  Thread bonds in molecules (1101-1108)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

  R. de Bruyn Ouboter, and A.N. Omelyanchouk Download 146144 byte Show annotation
  On massive photons inside a superconductor as follows from London and Ginzburg–Landau theory (1109-1112)   Том 43, Випуск 7, 2017 21

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