Special Issue
“XXII Ural International Winter School on Physics of Semiconductors”
(February 20–23, 2018)

Guest Editor V.I. Okulov

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  Preface (163-164)   Том 45, Випуск 2, 2019 17

  A.V. Ikonnikov, V.I. Chernichkin, D.A. Akopian, V.S. Dudin, D.E. Dolzhenko, A.V. Nikorici, L.I. Ryabova, and D.R. Khokhlov Download 1205844 byte Show annotation
  Fourier-transform spectroscopy of the persistent photoconductivity in PbSnTe(In) films at low temperatures (165-170)   Том 45, Випуск 2, 2019 17

  N.A. Bogoslovskiy, P.V. Petrov, and N.S. Averkiev Download 810238 byte Show annotation
  The influence of charge carrier relaxation on spectra of donor-acceptor recombination taking into account Coulomb correlations (171-178)   Том 45, Випуск 2, 2019 17

  K.D. Moiseev, V.A. Berezovets, K.Yu. Golenitskii, and N.S. Averkiev Download 722456 byte Show annotation
  Band structure of hybridized e-h system at a single broken-gap type II heterointerface (179-184)   Том 45, Випуск 2, 2019 17

  A.A. Dobretsova, Z.D. Kvon, S.S. Krishtopenko, N.N. Mikhailov, and S.A. Dvoretsky Download 1038106 byte Show annotation
  Spin splitting of surface states in HgTe quantum wells (185-192)   Том 45, Випуск 2, 2019 17

  V.V. Val’kov and S.V. Aksenov Download 433773 byte Show annotation
  Renormalization of triplet populations of spin dimer in zero magnetic field with quantum transport (192-203)   Том 45, Випуск 2, 2019 17

  S.V. Gudina, A.S. Klepikova, V.N. Neverov, N.G. Shelushinina, and M.V. Yakunin Download 256469 byte Show annotation
  Scaling laws under quantum Hall effect for a smooth disorder potential (204-209)   Том 45, Випуск 2, 2019 17

  Yu.G. Arapov, S.V. Gudina, E.V. Deryushkina, N.G. Shelushinina, and M.V. Yakunin Download 330135 byte Show annotation
  On the issue of critical exponents universality in the quantum Hall effect regime (210-218)   Том 45, Випуск 2, 2019 17

  N.Yu. Mikhailin, D.V. Shamshur, M.P. Volkov, A.V. Chernyaev, and R.V. Parfeniev Download 1364777 byte Show annotation
  Peak-effect in magnetization of superconducting solid solution (PbzSn1–z)0.84In0.16Te (219-224)   Том 45, Випуск 2, 2019 17

  V.A. Kulbachinskii, V.G. Kytin, D.Yu. Kondratieva, E.A. Konstantinova, A.V. Pavlikov, A.N. Grigoriev, A.S. Mankevich, and I.E. Korsakov Download 6364064 byte Show annotation
  Electroconductivity, thermoelectrical properties and ESR spectroscopy of copper chromite ceramic samples doped with magnesium (225-232)   Том 45, Випуск 2, 2019 17

  E.P. Skipetrov, B.B. Kovalev, L.A. Skipetrova, A.V. Knotko, V.E. Slynko Download 2166649 byte Show annotation
  Electronic structure of Pb1–xySnxFeyTe alloys (233-244)   Том 45, Випуск 2, 2019 17

  A.S. Klepikova, M.R. Popov, A.A. Ivanov, M.V. Medvedev, and T.B. Charikova Download 807502 byte Show annotation
  Anisotropy of the critical current density in the layered electron-doped superconductor Nd2–xCexCuO4+δ (245-250)   Том 45, Випуск 2, 2019 17

  A.S. Klepikova, T.B. Charikova1, 2, N.G. Shelushinina, M.R. Popov, and A.A. Ivanov Download 774664 byte Show annotation
  Anisotropic temperature dependence of normal state resistivity in underdoped region of a layered electron-doped superconductor Nd2–xCexCuO4 (251-257)   Том 45, Випуск 2, 2019 17

  V.N. Churmanov, V.I. Sokolov, V.A. Pustovarov, N.B. Gruzdev, and V.Yu. Ivanov Download 547256 byte Show annotation
  The manifestation of excitons in low-temperature luminescence spectra of solid solutions of zinc and nickel oxides (258-262)   Том 45, Випуск 2, 2019 17

  G.V. Lashkarev, M.V. Radchenko, A.E. Baibara, M.E. Bugaiova, L.I. Petrosian , Y. Dumond , T. Story, W. Knoff, N. Nedelko, A. Ślawska-Waniewska, M. Foltyn, Y.A. Stelmakh, and L.A. Krushynskaya Download 1185211 byte Show annotation
  Nontrivial phenomena in magnetic nanocomposites Co/Al2O3 and Co/SiO2 (263-269)   Том 45, Випуск 2, 2019 17

  T.E. Govorkova, V.I. Okulov, and K.A. Okulova Download 1016865 byte Show annotation
  Low-temperature magnetic field dependences of spontaneous magnetization of low concentration (≤ 0.2 at.%) iron impurity electron system in mercury selenide crystal (270-277)   Том 45, Випуск 2, 2019 17

  V.V. Marchenkov, A.N. Domozhirova, A.A. Makhnev, E.I. Shreder, S.V. Naumov, V.V. Chistyakov, J.C.A. Huang, and M. Eisterer Download 690204 byte Show annotation
  Electronic transport and optical properties of Mo0.5W0.5Te2 single crystal (278-282)   Том 45, Випуск 2, 2019 17

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