Special Issue
Nanostructures and impurity centers in cryogenic environment (part I)
Guest Editors Claudine Crépin-Gilbert and Elena Savchenko

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  Preface (683-684)   Том 45, Випуск 6, 2019 13

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  Carbon chain extension processes in cryogenic environments: UV-assisted growth of polyynic nitriles in solidified rare gases (Topical Review) (685-691)   Том 45, Випуск 6, 2019 13

  Prudence C.J. Ada Bibang, Aditya N. Agnihotri1,*, Basile Augé, Philippe Boduch, Charles Desfrançois, Alicja Domaracka, Frédéric Lecomte, Bruno Manil, Rafael Martinez, Gabriel S.V. Muniz1,**, Nicolas Nieuwjaer, and Hermann Rothard Download 521145 byte Show annotation
  Ion radiation in icy space environments: synthesis and radioresistance of complex organic molecules (Topical Review) (692-700)   Том 45, Випуск 6, 2019 13

  J. Mouzay, C. Assadourian, N. Piétri, T. Chiavassa, and I. Couturier-Tamburelli Download 1524318 byte Show annotation
  New possible route of HC3N formation in Titan’s atmosphere (701-709)   Том 45, Випуск 6, 2019 13

  Lahouari Krim and Mindaugas Jonusas Download 1646830 byte Show annotation
  VUV Photolysis of CH4–H2O mixture in methane-rich ices: Formation of large complex organic molecules in astronomical environments (710-721)   Том 45, Випуск 6, 2019 13

  Rasa Platakyte, Alejandro Gutiérrez-Quintanilla, Valdas Sablinskas, and Justinas Ceponkus Download 2880033 byte Show annotation
  Influence of environment and association with water, to internal structure of trifluoroacetylacetone. Matrix isolation FTIR study (722-735)   Том 45, Випуск 6, 2019 13

  A. Vasylieva, I. Doroshenko, O. Doroshenko, and V. Pogorelov Download 724625 byte Show annotation
  Effect of argon environment on small water clusters in matrix isolation (736-743)   Том 45, Випуск 6, 2019 13

  A. Gutiérrez-Quintanilla, M. Briant, E. Mengesha, Marc-André Gaveau, J.-M. Mestdagh, B. Soep, and L. Poisson Download 887471 byte Show annotation
  Propyne-water complexes hosted in helium droplets (744-749)   Том 45, Випуск 6, 2019 13

  S. Oswald, and S. Coussan Download 10744940 byte Show annotation
  Chloroform–nitrogen aggregates: upshifted CH and downshifted CCl stretching vibrations observed by matrix isolation and jet expansion infrared spectroscopy (750-759)   Том 45, Випуск 6, 2019 13

  C.A.P. da Costa and E.F. da Silveira Download 12983581 byte Show annotation
  Valine infrared absorbance at cryogenic temperatures (760-766)   Том 45, Випуск 6, 2019 13

  Michał Gil, Alexandr Gorski, Alexander Starukhin, and Jacek Waluk Download 1447783 byte Show annotation
  Fluorescence studies of porphycene in various cryogenic environments (767-773)   Том 45, Випуск 6, 2019 13

  Yu.A. Dmitriev, and N.P. Benetis Download 1626714 byte Show annotation
  Trapping mechanism and sites of H and D atoms in solid Ne (774-788)   Том 45, Випуск 6, 2019 13

  A.I. Strom, K.L. Fillmore, and D. T. Anderson Download 2775376 byte Show annotation
  Hydrogen atom catalyzed ortho-to-para conversion in solid molecular hydrogen (789-803)   Том 45, Випуск 6, 2019 13

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