Special Issue
Nanostructures and impurity centers in cryogenic environment
Guest Editors Claudine Crépin-Gilbert and Elena Savchenko

  A. Endo, M. Hatanaka, N. Ueno, Y. Morisawa, and T. Wakabayashi Download 750032 byte Show annotation
  Bi2Ne: Weakly bound cluster of diatomic bismuth with neon (807-815)   Том 45, Випуск 7, 2019 18

  M. Lara-Moreno, J. Alvarez-Hernández, H. Negrín-Yuvero, J.G. McCaffrey,and G. Rojas-Lorenzo Download 1176952 byte Show annotation
  Effects of trapping site on the spectroscopy of 1P1 excited group 12 metal atoms in rare gas matrices (816-826)   Том 45, Випуск 7, 2019 18

  N.N. Kleshchina, I.S. Kalinina, R. Lambo, A.A. Buchachenko, D.S. Bezrukov, and S.-M. Hu Download 1073721 byte Show annotation
  Triplet emission of atomic ytterbium isolated in a xenon matrix (827-835)   Том 45, Випуск 7, 2019 18

  P. de Pujo1*, M. Ryan, C. Crépin, J.-M. Mestdagh, and J.G. McCaffrey Download 1874072 byte Show annotation
  The role of spin-orbit coupling in the optical spectroscopy of atomic sodium isolated in solid xenon (836-842)   Том 45, Випуск 7, 2019 18

  I.V. Khyzhniy, S.A. Uyutnov, M.A. Bludov, E.V. Savchenko, and V.E. Bondybey Download 816361 byte Show annotation
  Electron-induced delayed desorption of solid argon doped with methane (843-849)   Том 45, Випуск 7, 2019 18

  K. Ban, M. Akiwa, H. Ueta, T. Tachibana1,2*, and T. Hirayama Download 804358 byte Show annotation
  New ion desorption mechanism from rare gas solids by multiply charged ion impacts (850-855)   Том 45, Випуск 7, 2019 18

  R.E. Boltnev, I.B. Bykhalo, V.V. Khmelenko, I.N. Krushinskaya, D.M. Lee, P.T. McColgan, S. Sheludiakov, and A.A. Pelmenev Download 927446 byte Show annotation
  Luminescence of molecular nitrogen in cryogenic plasmas (856-861)   Том 45, Випуск 7, 2019 18

  Adil Meraki, Patrick T. McColgan, Sergei Sheludiakov, David M. Lee, and Vladimir V. Khmelenko Download 9684316 byte Show annotation
  Thermoluminescence of nitrogen–neon and nitrogen–argon nanoclusters immersed in superfluid helium (862-873)   Том 45, Випуск 7, 2019 18

  N.I. Ostapenko, O.A. Kerita, Yu.V. Ostapenko, and М.V. Chursanova Download 707971 byte Show annotation
  Effect of the polymer ordering on the optical spectra and thermoluminescence of polygermane and polysilane films and nanocomposites (874-880)   Том 45, Випуск 7, 2019 18

  V.A. Karachevtsev, A.M. Plokhotnichenko, M.V. Karachevtsev, A.S. Linnik, and N.V. Kurnosov Download 5006587 byte Show annotation
  Composite films of single-walled carbon nanotubes with strong oxidized graphene: characterization with spectroscopy, microscopy, conductivity measurements (5–291 K) and computer modeling (881-891)   Том 45, Випуск 7, 2019 18

  S.B. Feodosyev, I.A. Gospodarev, E.V. Manzhelii, V.A. Sirenko, and E.S. Syrkin Download 294658 byte Show annotation
  Discrete atomic vibrations localized on defects in linear chains of atoms adsorbed by carbon nanobundles (892-897)   Том 45, Випуск 7, 2019 18

Superconductivity, Including High-Temperature Superconductivity

  N.V. Klenov1–5, A.V. Kuznetsov, A.E. Schegolev1–3,5, I.I. Soloviev, S.V. Bakurskiy, M.Yu. Kupriyanov, and M.V. Tereshonok Download 918849 byte Show annotation
  Neuron based on a single flux qubit (898-905)   Том 45, Випуск 7, 2019 18

  A.P. Shapovalov, V.E. Shaternik, O.G. Turutanov, V.Yu. Lyakhno, and V.I. Shnyrkov Download 957128 byte Show annotation
  About a possibility of faster detection of magnetic flux changes in a single-photon counter by RF SQUID with MoRe–Si(W)–MoRe junction (906-915)   Том 45, Випуск 7, 2019 18

  G.Ya. Khadzhai, Yu.V. Litvinov, and R.V. Vovk Download 803298 byte Show annotation
  Evolution of the transverse electrical resistance of YBa2Cu3O7–δ single crystals under irradiation with high-energy electrons (916-920)   Том 45, Випуск 7, 2019 18

Low-Temperature Magnetism

  Yu.A. Perevozchikova, A.A. Semiannikova, A.N. Domozhirova, P.B. Terentyev, E.B. Marchenkova, E.I. Patrakov, M. Eisterer, P.S. Korenistov, and V.V. Marchenkov Download 474479 byte Show annotation
  Experimental observation of anomalies in the electrical, magnetic, and galvanomagnetic properties of cobalt-based Heusler alloys with variation of transition elements (921-927)   Том 45, Випуск 7, 2019 18

  G.I. Mamniashvili, T.O. Gegechkori , T.A. Gavasheli Download 654558 byte Show annotation
  Effect of a low-frequency magnetic field on the properties of the main and additional echo signals in manganese ferrite (928-937)   Том 45, Випуск 7, 2019 18

Quantum Effects in Semiconductors and Dielectrics

  V.N. Ermakov and E.A. Ponezha Download 1608038 byte Show annotation
  Nonlinear resonant tunneling as mechanism of cool electrons filtration (938-946)   Том 45, Випуск 7, 2019 18

Low-Temperature Physics of Plasticity and Strength

  R.V. Smolianets and V.A. Moskalenko Download 681027 byte Show annotation
  Low-temperature feature of grain-boundary hardening of nanocrystalline titanium (947-957)   Том 45, Випуск 7, 2019 18

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