Special Issue
To the 100th birthday of B.I. Verkin
Guest Editors A.S. Kovalev, Yu.A. Kolesnichenko, and S.S. Sokolov

  B.A. Ivanov Download 1897094 byte Show annotation
  Ultrafast spin dynamics and spintronics for ferrimagnets close to the spin compensation point (Review Article) (1095-1129)   Том 45, Випуск 9, 2019 12

  V.A. Maidanov, E.Ya. Rudavskii, S.N. Smirnov, and S.S. Sokolov Download 3002984 byte Show annotation
  Plastic flow of solid 4He and 3He at low temperatures (Review Article) (1130-1143)   Том 45, Випуск 9, 2019 12

  E. Savchenko, I. Khyzhniy, and V. Bondybey Download 2198482 byte Show annotation
  New trends in spectroscopy of solid nitrogen (Topical Review) (1144-1157)   Том 45, Випуск 9, 2019 12

  V.B. Efimov, А.А. Оrlova, L.P. Kondaurova, and А.G. Gorkun Download 2811656 byte Show annotation
  Heat transfer under pulsed heating in superfluid helium (1158-1164)   Том 45, Випуск 9, 2019 12

  Jay Amrit Download 291877 byte Show annotation
  Resonant surface scattering and dislocation flutter explain Kapitza resistance at a solid/solid 4He interface (1165-1171)   Том 45, Випуск 9, 2019 12

  M.N. Popova Download 1575744 byte Show annotation
  High-resolution spectroscopy of rare-earth ferroborates with a huntite structure (Review Article) (1172-1180)   Том 45, Випуск 9, 2019 12

  A.Yu. Ivanov, S.G. Stepanian, V.A. Karachevtsev, L. Adamowicz Download 2854691 byte Show annotation
  Nucleoside conformers in the low-temperature argon matrices: FTIR spectroscopy of isolated thymidine, deuterothymidine molecules and quantum mechanical calculations (1181-1191)   Том 45, Випуск 9, 2019 12

  V.F. Rusakov, V.V. Chabanenko, A. Nabiałek, O.M. Chumak, and R. Puźniak Download 1464231 byte Show annotation
  Dynamics of Abrikosov’s vortex forced oscillations: role frequency, acting forces and vortex parameters (1192-1201)   Том 45, Випуск 9, 2019 12

  Yuri Kivshar Download 1618222 byte Show annotation
  Localized edge modes in discrete photonic and phononic systems (Review Article) (1201-1207)   Том 45, Випуск 9, 2019 12

  O.A. Ilinskaya, A.D. Shkop, D. Radic, H.C. Park, I.V. Krive, R.I. Shekhter, and M. Jonson Download 596463 byte Show annotation
  Coulomb effects on thermally induced shuttling of spin-polarized electrons (1208-1216)   Том 45, Випуск 9, 2019 12

  V.A. Bedarev, D.N. Merenkov, M.I. Kobets, A.A. Zvyagin, S.N. Poperezhai, S.L. Gnatchenko, T. Zajarniuk, T. Vasevych, М.U. Gutowska, A. Szewczyk, I.A. Gudim Download 453126 byte Show annotation
  Evidence of spin correlations in monocrystal ErAl3(BO3)4 (1217-1222)   Том 45, Випуск 9, 2019 12

  V. Gnezdilov, Yu. Pashkevich, V. Kurnosov, O.V. Zhuravlev, D. Wulferding, P. Lemmens, N.V. Kazak, Yu.V. Knyazev, and S.G. Ovchinnikov Download 2313844 byte Show annotation
  Magnetic and structural correlations in the warwickite Mn2OBO3 (1223-1230)   Том 45, Випуск 9, 2019 12

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