Special Issue
Biomolecules and their complexes with nanostructures
Guest Editors V. A. Karachevtsev and S. G. Stepanian

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  Preface (199-200)   Том 47, Випуск 3, 2021 10

  A.Yu. Ivanov and S. G. Stepanian Download 5809213 byte Show annotation
  Molecular structure and vibrational spectra of isolated nucleosides at low temperatures (Review Article) (201-218)   Том 47, Випуск 3, 2021 10

  Serge A. Krasnokutski Download 742633 byte Show annotation
  Did life originate from low-temperature areas of the Universe? (219-226)   Том 47, Випуск 3, 2021 10

  N. V. Kurnosov and V. A. Karachevtsev Download 1647899 byte Show annotation
  Composite films of graphene oxide with semiconducting carbon nanotubes: Raman spectroscopy characterization (227-234)   Том 47, Випуск 3, 2021 10

  Sergey N. Volkov Download 533490 byte Show annotation
  On possible role of hydrogen peroxide molecules in ion beam therapy of cancer cells (235-240)   Том 47, Випуск 3, 2021 10

  K. Yu. Sova, A. S. Vakula, S. I. Tarapov, A. G. Belous and S. O. Solopan Download 1017681 byte Show annotation
  Analysis of low-temperature FMR spectra of Fe3O4 and ZnFe2O4 nanoparticles synthesized using organic molecules (241-247)   Том 47, Випуск 3, 2021 10

  Dmytro Gryn, Valeriy Yashchuk, and Elvira Sereda Download 2007613 byte Show annotation
  Effect of Ni ions on the DNA spectral properties and photostability (248-253)   Том 47, Випуск 3, 2021 10

  D. O. Harbuz, A. P. Pospelov, V. I. Belan, V. A. Gudimenko, V. L. Vakula, L. V. Kamarchuk, Y. V. Volkova, and G. V. Kamarchuk Download 1803778 byte Show annotation
  New express method for melatonin determination in the human body (254-263)   Том 47, Випуск 3, 2021 10

  A. Vasylieva, I. Doroshenko, S. Stepanian, and L. Adamowicz Download 1485600 byte Show annotation
  The influence of low-temperature argon matrix on embedded water clusters. A DFT theoretical study (264-272)   Том 47, Випуск 3, 2021 10

  L. N. Christophorov, V. I. Teslenko, and E. G. Petrov Download 1203975 byte Show annotation
  Features of kinetic and regulatory processes in biosystems (273-291)   Том 47, Випуск 3, 2021 10

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